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Combining my three years as a transgender woman, a quarter century of public speaking experience, and my desire to educate, my Transanswers presentation removes the mystery behind gender identity issues and being transgender.

A sample of participant reactions

"I didn't know what gender dysphoria is."

"I learned so much about the challenges of coming out."

"I had no idea there was so much involved in transitioning."

"Your presentation was so helpful!"

Reactions to my book, "A Roller Coaster Through a Hurricane"

"I couldn't put it down."

" I had NO idea the struggle, even though I know just a bit about the condition."

"Throughout the countless challenges he faces, Greg’s strong Christian faith continues to shine through, as does the deep love he shares with the book’s heroine, his wife, Julie."

"A captivating story that brings so much awareness to gender dysphoria."

" Eloquent in a literary sense; well written, and enjoyable to read. Enlightening in a personal sense; learning one journey of gender dysphoria has opened my mind and heart to those that travel through this path. A must read."

" Wow! A really great read! Greg is an incredible writer and tells his story with grace."

"Greg, you should be on Oprah!"

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Eilers Pizza

My blog:


Since 2015, I've been blogging at Eilers Pizza, where you will find more than 300 posts.

I began the blog to educate regarding gender dysphoria and being transgender.  It opened the doors through which I longed to enter, to talk with anyone who might listen.

Having been a minister, I especially wanted to engage with Lutheran pastors and fellow Christians.  My being transgender upset a lot of carts as it also opened important doors.

Along the way, many gender dysphoric and trans individuals connected with me.  I've formed friendships.  I've been a source of counsel and commiserating.  I've been blessed in every encounter with my fellow humans.

Blog topics:


- gender dysphoria

- every aspect of transitioning

-  a detailed account of my transition


- the intersection of transgender and Christian

- writings on the faith

- devotional pieces (Easter, Christmas, etc.)

Hot-button issues

- the trans bathroom debate is just one of many topics I've tackled as they've arisen

Meet people in my life

- profiles of wonderful folks


- my Spotlight series provides tips for any vegetable gardener

Memoirs and more

- from places I've lived, to jokes and puns I've written, Eilers Pizza is a supreme pie of a blog

Read it here: