About Me

A short bio


I grew up in the small West Michigan town of Montague, known for being the hometown of Miss America 1961, Nancy Anne Fleming, and the world's largest weathervane (people even get married under it!).

Thinking I would spend my life in Montague, in my 30s I pulled up stakes for Concordia Theological Seminary in Fort Wayne, Indiana.  I was a Lutheran pastor for eighteen years, from 1996-2014.

Suffering gender dysphoria forced me to leave the ministry in order to address it.  In 2015 I transitioned to living as a female.  In 2018, I experienced another profound change and resumed living as a male.

Recognizing that misunderstanding transgender issues is more prevalent than lack of knowledge, I set out to educate.  I used my blog and public speaking to edify my fellow Christians and secular society.  In January 2019 I published my life story, A Roller Coaster Through a Hurricane.

Demonstrating that being transgender is no more a lifestyle than any way of being, I stuck with everything I believed and practiced, including my passions: caring for my family, gardening, and running.

That's my wonderful wife, Julie, in the photo with me.  We make our home in Indianapolis, enjoy four adult children and seven grandchildren, and every good gift the Lord bestows on us.

Let's talk!


I'm not overly influenced by my grandson's stuffed friends, but I love to hear what you're thinking.

When I retired from the ministry, online became my community.  Since 2015, hundreds of folks have communicated their ideas and asked their questions.  I've responded to 100% of them.

Let's talk!  Everything is fair game with me.  Do you have questions about religion?  Transgender or gender dysphoria?  How about gardening?  (Shoot, I've even become a Netflix expert!)

I'm here to help.  Let's talk.



Using my experience as both a pastor and transgender person, I long to teach about these things which are mysterious to most people: gender dysphoria, what is involved in transitioning, and challenges for the trans person and their families.  Nowadays, there isn't a workplace, school, church, or community that is not in need of a good grasp on this often thorny topic.

I have developed a presentation, Transanswers, which I can adapt to churches, the workplace, schools, you name it.  I can provide the basics in 45 minutes, or go more in depth in a longer session and allow for Q & A time.  Tell me what you need, and I'll fill the bill!

Contact me, using the form on this site, for more information.